The Revaluation of Hainesport Township

In 2008 the Township of Hainesport received an Order from the Burlington County Board of Taxation and the NJ Division of Taxation to conduct a municipal-wide revaluation. Since that time the municipality has sought and was granted an extension to complete the revaluation due to the instability in the real estate market. 

The township entered into an agreement with Vital Communications, Inc., an approved revaluation firm, to assist the municipality in conducting and implementing a revaluation for the 2013 tax year. Doing so leveled out any inequities that exist.

The purpose of the revaluation was to bring the assessed values of all properties to 100% of their true market value. Doing so causes the overall ratable base to increase which will ultimately allow the tax rate to decrease. The process itself is revenue neutral. The purpose of a revaluation is not to increase taxes yet it is meant to redistribute the tax burden evenly throughout the municipality.

During the course all properties were visited by a representative of Vital Communications, Inc. All employees had identification and visited properties to gather relevant real estate market data about your property that later was used to assist in the valuation process. Pictures were also taken of all properties from the street.

New values were established later that year, sometime in the fall. At that time all property owners were notified of their assessed value and had the opportunity to set up an informal meeting to discuss this valuation with a representative of the revaluation firm.

The end goal was to complete this revaluation by years end and we thank you for your cooperation in helping us achieve this goal. 

Additional Information can be obtained by clicking on the following links:

What is a Revaluation? (Frequently Asked Questions)

Please do not hesitate to contact the tax assessor if you should have any questions about the revaluation process. (609) 267-6470 ext. 106 or by email.