Public Works

Our Staff

Public Works consists of five full-time members. All members are required to have valid Commercial Driver’s License. They are directed by

Jay Jones Jr., Foreman Email

(609) 267-2730 ext. 120

Leaves – Leaves will be picked up with a vacuum machine at the curb from March 2nd to May 31st and September 1st to December 31st. They should be loose leave, placed at the curb and piled as close to the curb area as possible. The leaf machine can only reach so far in from the roadway. Please don’t pile around a mailbox or telephone pole. It is too hard to pickup and they will only be left behind for you to move later. Don’t mix anything in with your leaves such as twigs and branches. Between January 1st to March 1st and June 1st to August 31st, they are to be bagged in paper bags, not plastic. The landfill we utilize will not take them in plastic bags as they don’t degrade, therefore, we will not pick them up.

Brush, twigs, tree limbs - Should be piled at the curbline. If a contractor is hired to take a tree down it is his responsibility to take everything. We will not pick up trees, etc. cut down by a private contractor.

Grass clippings - Bag your grass clippings and place them in your trash to be picked up. Do not mix in brush, twigs or tree limbs. It must be bagged in plastic bags for the garbage collectors to take.

Bulk pickup - Items should be called in to schedule for pick up. New fencing if installed by contractor needs to be removed by contractor. All wood fencing except treated can be put out on trash day which is Thursday. Our trash contractor is not allowed to take pull out couches with metal bed frames, lazy boy chairs with extensions with metal supports for legs, and all metal box springs. The metal must be removed and the metal parts will be collected by the Township Public Works on Monday. Electrical devices such as TV’s, computers and other items such as refrigerators, washers, dryer, and dish washers should also be put out on Monday which will be picked up by our Public Works Department. Please call to schedule Monday pickup.


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Jay Jones Foreman (609) 267-2730 ext. 120