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Township Committee
Pictured from left to right  Mayor Anthony Porto, Committeeman Frank Masciocchi, Committeewoman Leila Gilmore, Committeeman Michael Fitzpatrick, Committeeman Michael Dickinson

The township form of government is the oldest form of municipal government in New Jersey. Under the current township government laws, the township committee remains the backbone of the municipality’s government. Voters elect, at-large, a township committee comprised of five members who serve staggered three-year terms. The township committee selects a committee person who is known as the Mayor for a one-year term. The Mayor serves as chair of the township committee and has powers vested in the mayor’s office by general law. Under the township form of government, all legislative powers are concentrated in the committee. The committee also has all executive powers not placed in the Mayor either by general law or the revised Township act of 1989.  

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